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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day

I have just finished putting together Valentine's for my precious class, even though I was slightly frustrated that buying gender friendly ones was harder than expected.
I had to settle on jungle animals with tattoos to match. They should make variety pack for Valentine's like putting racecars and princesses in the same box.

One of my students is very concerned that I don't have a valentine for Sunday's events, I am pretty sure he has been discussing the matters with the other children. Today alone 3 boys told me I was pretty and if they were old enough they would save me from the embarrassment of being alone (Do I look desperate to my class of 4 and 5 year olds?) One boy asked why I didn't have a date for Sunday, I simply told him that no one had asked.

Rememeber in grade-school when the Valentine's Day was approaching there was always so much talk about what kind of cards you were going to buy and the candy you would attach to it? The week before the party you would be sitting in your art class decorating your envelopes or baskets with construction paper hearts and white doilies to house all the goods you were going to be given.

Life was so much simpler then because everyone received a valentine no matter how much of a loser you were, you got the same amount as the most popular girl in the grade. What an ego-boost for someone who struggled with self-esteem for, I don't know, majority of her grade-school years, middle-school years, high school years and part of college, it felt good to be on the same level as the prettiest girl in class that all the boys loved even just for a moment. You could taste the other side.

Today's gift-giving resembles the dodge ball team selection process from P.E., since you still pray about not becoming the last person left on the sidelines. You think that maybe this year will be your year. By some chance you will open your door and see a bouquet of flowers on the doorstep for you. I have a better chance of walking downstairs to see Celine Dion, Jon McLaughlin, The Fray and Ingrid Michaelson having a jam session in my living room than I do of seeing flowers on my doorstep come Sunday morning.

The title of this post probably makes you think that I am going to bash on this holiday and from what I have already written, it sounds like I might. And it probably sounds like I am bitter and because of me being completely single with no prospects and adding to that, I am a pretty big cynic, that would make complete sense.

But, I have a confession despite my usually cynical feminist attitudes:
I think this is a perfectly fine holiday, although I think it is disgusting how much Hallmark makes off of this day and how many girls self-worth goes down during this time.

And that is the truth coming from a completely content me.

A lot of growth in this area is because of the Lord. I would go through phases where I could barely be happy for someone because of their current relationship status I would only be reminded that I was single but the Lord has been so gracious to me and spared me of some (emphasis the word some) heartache.
This Sunday when friends are out with their loved ones, I will be in my sweatpants in the the purple chair watching reruns of the Office and loving every minute of it. Everyone wins in my opinion.

So all I am going to say is love people as much as you can. Love your family, friends, classmates, team members and coworkers. Love like Jesus.
And show them you love them everyday.
But take advantage of the sales that happen around this time of year.
Especially all the candy that goes on sale on the 15th.