I travel the open road.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

haiku for kansas state (in 5 verses)

menopausal spring
it toys with my emotions
summer please get here

finance equals death
i just want to bake cupcakes
summer please get here

title for final?
beautiful disaster. yes.
summer please get here

food network i watch
debate on doing homework
summer please get here

pretending to care
gearing up for senior year
summer please get here

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I want to go to culinary school.  Plain and simple.
Also, I want to mass produce my new apron my mom made me.

If grad school does not pan out, that's what I am doing with my life.  I should have done that in the first place.*
I'll join Tricia and Mara for Bun in The Oven.
Or I'll just skip culinary school and practice my skills more than I already do. 

Does anyone know if Food Network is hiring a new host?

Ideas I wish I had thought of myself, considering these are the 3 major food groups in my life.

*Do not think I regret my major because I don't.  I just have two passions: helping people and feeding people.  Alway have to have a back-up plan.  Story of my type-a personality.
**Sorry BFF, we can't try that one together because you're allergic

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a few things to ponder

1.  As many of you know, one of my favorite actresses is Mery Streep.  Did you know that May 27th is Meryl Streep Day in New York?  How did I not know this?  How can I celebrate it at kamp without scaring off new staff?
2. No diet is worth passing the chance of drinking a shamrock shake from McDonald's.  Come on people, they are only around in March.  Judge me.
3.  Right now my roommate is playing songs from movies and broadway plays on itunes.  I love it.
4.  I get to see my BFF in 5 days...at the Container Store!  A dream come true.
5.  Things to accomplish over spring break:
          Read: The Truth War, Crazy Love and The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.
  Watch: My Best Friend's Wedding, Pearl Harbor and The Philadelphia Story.
  Clean: My bathroom, my room and the storage room
    Work: At Panera for 40+ hours
This spring break may be a busy one.  But I get a lot of alone time which I am pumped about, and you know I love me some alone time.
6.  This reminds of a time I asked for a vacuum for christmas.

In conclusion I need to not watch youtube until the early morning.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A few things that may indicate that you are too emotionally involved in The Bachelor.

1.  Even though you have a 15 page paper due in two days and a midterm, you stand in the doorway captivated by the proposal scene.
2.  You tear up when he picks the girl you have been rooting for
3.  When he reveals in the 'After the Final Rose' that he is breaking up with Melissa, you react as if you were the one getting broken up with, the worst part is he did it on national television* 
4.  You are upset because you thought Jason was a good guy.  And excuse me, did you even think about Ty?  Long story short, you're a tool.
5.  Molly?  Really?  I tried to justify you going back with him but I couldn't do it.  You broke the girl code.
6.  You google if Molly and Jason are still together (and found no results).

I am against what The Bachelor represents, women trying to throw themselves at a guy and win him over by looks and slutiness.  But I got hooked this season, and now, I regret it.  I won't watch again.

Unless Jillian or Melissa is on The Bachelorette.

*I do not mind that they broke up, but it was the way he did it that frustrated me.