I travel the open road.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

No resolutions for me

Goodbye 2009.
You were a mediocre year. Parts of you were good, parts of you were bad.
You started in Branson, ended in Spain. The times in between were spent in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and New York City.

I think resolutions are silly, I rarely hear them becoming successful changes in one's life.
I have no resloution for this next year but I do have a goal with no sort of deadline.

Watch every movie that Meryl Streep has been in.
I have 30 more to go. Kelsie said she would help.
You in?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

seasons of life

It is times likes these that I realize things will never be the same in my life.
I have grown so comfortable with my routines that it terrifies/excites me to be forced out of my comfort zone.
Day by day things seem the same but at the end of the year, I look back and things have changed so drastically that I hardly recognize my life and have no idea of what the next year is to come.

-Maybe it is seeing my big brother becoming a first-time father to a beautiful baby boy named Aiden Alexander.
-Or knowing that my time at K-State is drawing to a close and the unknown is so unpredictible but yet so exciting.
-Preparing to see Spain while my heart longs for orphans in Ethopia.
-Watching friends become husbands and wives or landing thier dream jobs or wandering around aimlessly with no direction whatsoever...(that was for you Tricia)

All of these events have snuck up on me. My brother still seems like a frat boy in college, my friends hardly seem old enough to have careers, let alone marry.
I hardly even realized that they were happening until they were over.

Wherever you are, be there.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

welcome to fshs

I tend to make fun of my major.
It is just so hard not too sometimes.

-So what if we are given crayons and play-do during class.
-So what if we read children's books about dying dogs (a real tear jerker actually).
-So what if we made a list of things that we are excited about for the future, and being the family studies major we are, most people wrote about marriage and family. I wrote about receiving my black kitchen aid for graduation. I win.
-So what if our projects are so open-ended that a student may choose to create a cookbook to writing a paper to scrapbooking.
-So what if my finals week is only two tests that I don't even plan on studying for.

I love my major. In all honestly, I don't see myself majoring in anything else.
Although at this exact moment I am trying to write a 18 page paper on adolescent development in Juno and have struggled for the past 9 pages.

This is what I did in class today.

and this

and finally this.

Welcome to my major.
And the friends who sit next to me.