I travel the open road.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Type A

Somewhat small things in life that make me happy
(may or may not be in order of significance):

-crawling into bed when the electric blanket has been on
-fall (this includes crisp weather, leaves changing colors and pumpkin flavored things)
-writing letters (or receiving them)
-planning things that may or may not ever happen
-the smell of lilacs
-hot chocolate from gas stations
-getting everything on my To Do list done for the day
-finding a quarter on the ground
-dressing up in costumes with my roommates
-artichoke dip
-Branson, and all that it entails (Kauai, people, shows, shopping and mullets)
-Kamp, KSU, KCC, Westbrooke and camp friends that will last forever

Somewhat small things in life that annoy me
(may or may not be in order of significance)
-the fact that some of my closest friends live states away
-uggs with sweatpants and sorority fleeces
-having to weigh in on Wednesdays
-erg practices
-going to bed early
-Italian food
-my somewhat messy room
-that I lose my keys when I am stresses
-walking to school in the rain
-drifting apart from old friends because life took us in two different directions
-that hairspray makes my hair sticky and/or stiff
-the fact that I had to add one more item to my annoyed list to make it even

I guess in the end some of these things are not small at all.
But then again, some are.
Maybe it is the mix of small things in life and the big things that make it all worth it in the end.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall brings change

How busy is too busy?

How many things can I  schedule into a week before they start to loosing meaning and significance? 

When do things I enjoy become dreaded obligations?

At what point am I stretched too thin?

When will I learn to say no?

Those thoughts keep coming to me, late at night when I should be sleeping.  I lay there in the dark thinking about the days ahead of me, all the activities I have committed too.  I think about what school work needs to get done, when I am going to fit in my physical therapy or my next work out, what type of cookie I need to bake for my next lifegroup or when I am going to volunteer at the nursing home. Sometimes when I wake up, I count the hours until I can hit the pillow again.  

Shouldn't I be fully committed to one or two activities instead of half there for all of them?

It's just a choice of what I see as important.  The catch is, all of them are good and beneficial.
How do you decide?  How do you cut something out of your life?  Will relationships be lost?  Is the extra few hours a week worth it?