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Sunday, March 28, 2010

almost works of art

Below are all of the few lined drafts of blogs I never posted because I got distracted or bored and never finished. There are a few that I would be really interested with where I was going to go with it.

B-Town, Mo.
Kamp is 1/3 of the way over.
Sometimes I just look around and wonder why I signed up for 12 weeks of this.
And then I see God work incredible ways.

Satan is attacking the name of Kanakuk and more importantly the name of our Lord.

Well hello there senior year
Tomorrow marks the last first day of school I will ever have. Or at least until grad school.

I could really use some peppermint ice cream right now.
What was I concerned about the most? If I would ever find a skinny vanilla latte as good as Bluestem's. The verdict? Probably not.

Have you ever had a song that takes you back to a memory so strong that as you listen to it, you want nothing more than to back in that place of peace and simplicity?
For me, a lot of Christmas music does that to me.

worse case scenario
i don't get into seminary
-i don't get into john brown
-i move back to kc and live in my parent's house on the futon in the extra bedroom surrounded by boxes that contain my entire existence
-i work at sheridan's
-or stay in manhattan and work for the school district
-or work at starbucks, somewhere

because i am a family studies major which basically means nothing.

Just a Thought
I want to apologize because my crazy feminist side might come out.
But this is ridiculous!
Shouldn't people be more concerned about the messages barbie sends to girls? Like her 18 inch waist?

The Lord has a sense of humor, which is supported by observing my life.

Marriages and things like it.
Save the Date cards are determining all my time off this summer.
And I am well on my way to replacing My Best Friend's Wedding as the story of my life to 27 Dresses.
My Best Friend's Wedding had a good run.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walking in Memphis

It only seemed appropriate to title this post after the city in which I am currently in.

Last night I watched as my dear friend Tracy walked down the isle to marry Nick. As much as I hate to admit it, I teared up. I don't think I have ever been in such a state of happiness that I have been led to tears.

As the ceremony progressed, I was trying to enjoy every moment of what the pastor was saying but the red pumps she had chosen for the bridesmaids to wear where causing my legs to shake and my knees to throb. I thought I was going to faint from the pain. I have never been in so much pain and trust me, I have had my fair share of physical pain. All for love, right?

About halfway through the ceremony, Clint was talking about how this is the first time in all of his years that he has known each bridesmaid from the day they were born and has watched us all grow up together. The he says :
"I have married 3 of the 5 of you, Sarah and Kelly, You're next. I'm going five for five"
(Enter awkward laughs)
I'm sorry, what?
Can you say that?

Then enter the reception.
All I can say is, if I were dating someone, wouldn't they be there with me?
If you don't see me with a date, assume that I am not dating anyone.

Overall, I am so happy for Tracy and Nick and for the special that eHarmony was running over Labor Day Weekend 2009 to view your matches for free.

In other news, it was catered by Oklahoma Joe's and we all know my love of that place and there were 6 different kinds of cake at the reception. I will not deny the fact that I had some of each. I figured since my dress was on and zipped I could eat all I wanted. And I did.