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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I secretly, not-so-secretly want to see this. It's my favorite children's book. October 16th.  Who wants to go?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signs that the stress is getting to me.

This morning I set up the coffee pot to brew a fantastic new blend I found.
I poured the water in, not-so-scientifically measured the grinds out and pressed the on button.

I came back about five minutes later and the hot coffee (which was weakly brewed) was erupting like an active volcano out of the top of the coffee pot.  Hot coffee and the grinds were all over the floor and the counter tops.

I just stood there and stared at it.
And then started to cry.

Low point? Yes.

I am going to make funnel cakes tonight with Tricia.

For those who are keeping score: Dinner tonight was a funnel cake and piece cream cake.  All I can say is at least I ate dinner.

Friday, April 10, 2009

new trends in my life.

I have recently found out that when I decide to do something for lent it usually is a dumb idea.

Exhibit A:  Three years ago, around this time I was working at Sheridan's Frozen Custard so I decided to give up frozen custard.*
Exhibit B: Last year I gave up coffee and Diet Coke-lasted about 12 days
Exhibit C: This year I gave up carbs-lasted for 19 days

See the trend in my life? 

The most recent one deals with my nutrition class and actually has nothing to do with lent.  I was studying for a test about the benefits of being a vegetarian.  I then decided that I wanted to try it out.  Bad Idea.  This would mean giving up barbeque.  Which if you know me at all, you know that this is impossible for me to do.  Hello.  A life without Oklahoma Joe's is not a life worth living. Side note: The way to my heart is good barbeque.

So Kelsie and I went to McDonald's for a little meat treat after Ichthus and before Mamma Mia.
Great Idea.
I wish.
Lesson learned: No McDonald's after 10:30 pm

Want to know what I am doing tonight to celebrate me not being a vegetarian?  Yep, Oklahoma Joe's here I come.

*This was the only lent that I was successful at.
Next years lent: Give up giving up stuff.  That's one that I can be successful at.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my newest creation

I really love cupcakes.